Terms & conditions


All our chairs come with a 5-year warranty unless specified otherwise. The warranty covers the entire chair’s battery/mechanics for 5 years from the date of purchase. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, intentional damage, willful damage, neglect, or if the chair was used in a way that it was not intended for. As part of our full warranty promise, we will repair the chair to make it in usable condition again. If the chair needs to be returned and it is no longer covered by our free returns policy, you may be charged for shipping. We should never be held liable in the event we decide not to repair or replace a chair.


We offer free standard shipping on all orders unless otherwise stated. All orders will ship between 3 and 15 business days after the date of purchase and allotted processing time. Your shipment may be delayed due to bad weather, out of stock items, error in order data, wrong address provided, or other reasons. Some shipments will be left curbside near customer’s shipping address. All orders are considered fulfilled and received in full by the customer once carrier tracking information shows an item as delivered. No further claim of non-receipt could then be lodged.


We offer a Money Back Guarantee on all orders unless specified otherwise. The money back guarantee covers the first 30 days of purchase. After your chair is sent back to us in original perfect condition and received by us, we will issue a full refund of purchase price if applicable unless the chair was damaged intentionally or recklessly. In the event you return the chair within 30 days of purchase, we will pay for return shipping as part of our 30-day free returns policy unless the chair was damaged intentionally or recklessly. The returned item should be in same or better condition as received by the customer. 

In order to qualify for a free return, you must pack the item in the original box we shipped. If you no longer have the original box, you may use an alternate box that is the same size or smaller than the original box we shipped to you. We will not provide boxes in order to facilitate a return. Boxes may be purchased from us for a fee. You must use our free return label provided to you in order to qualify for free return shipping. We will not reimburse you for the cost of return shipping if items are returned with any other shipping service, label, or postage other than what we provided to you. Money Back Guarantee and Free Returns are only valid on items that were received with a manufacturing defect. If you return an item that is in usable condition, or if we attempted to make your item in usable condition, you will not be eligible for Free Return or Money Back Guarantee.

Please email for a RM return # and free return shipping arrangement to Info@modulaxusa.com


All chairs are BRAND NEW unless otherwise specified.


We should never be held liable for damage, injury, or death caused by an item or the result of using an item.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately or even retroactively upon the posting thereof.